Working with 42RISM

We independently voice the texts for the audio guide, prepare the necessary format of photo materials for publication on the platform and post the content on the platform. At the same time, each object on the 42RISM platform has an "author”, our partner who provided excursion materials. Based on the statistics of visits to pages with objects, the partner's remuneration is calculated. Remuneration is paid on the basis of a secured partnership agreement.

Museums and parks

Open-air museums, zoos, botanical gardens, and other owners of excursion objects can place their excursion materials on the 42RISM platform and receive income from visits to the pages of their objects.

The audio guide on the 42RISM platform increases the attractiveness of sightseeing sites for those tourists who prefer individual excursions outside of groups and pay only for an entrance ticket.

We are ready to conclude a contract, pay remuneration to the settlement account and arrange the entire package of accounting documents.

For authors:

We are looking for partners for cooperation in any region of the world!

If you are a tour guide, a tour desk owner, a travel blogger, a local historian, or just love your region and know almost everything about it, we are looking for you!

You can create content for the 42rism platform and earn income from viewing it by our users. The more interesting your stories are, the more attractive your objects are for viewing and the higher your personal income. By writing a good excursion story alone, you will be able to receive passive income for a long time.

Contact us to get the status of a partner of the 42rism platform.

* The partner program works with objects from 100 or more visitors per day.