42RISM is the best platform for an advertiser

Advertising on the 42RISM platform is aimed at your customers who are already "here and now"!

This means that your ads will be seen only by those users of the platform who are in the region you have chosen, with an accuracy of up to 10 meters!

A tourist is the most active user and buyer, he is already on a trip, he is already your client - he needs to be taken, fed, watered, placed, and entertained!

To display an ad to your tourist, you can choose a continent, a country, an area or even an area in a small town. Sell concert tickets on the territory of the entire Krasnodar Territory, massage on the beach of Yalta or souvenirs on the territory of a small ethno-village in Ugra.


For example: An offer to dine in your restaurant to tourists who are several hundred meters away from you, even in the period from 12 to 16 hours in the afternoon, only 30-40 people will be missed, but the effect of such an invitation will be higher than from tens of thousands of simple views of advertising banners on websites.