Do you often go on business trips?  

Do you like to travel?  

Do you study the history of cities?  

Do you like to listen to the guide?  

Are you not familiar with new cities?  

42RISM services will allow tourists to explore historical and cultural sites in any part of the world using a mobile device!

42RISM is the automation of the guide and helps tourists to explore cultural and historical places.

No software installation required on your smartphone, single entry point-website allows you to:

  • get information in the most convenient form-an audio story;
  • to abandon organized groups of tourists, an individual tour is more comfortable not tied to the schedule of the guide's grab. And in our time, it is safer from an epidemiological point of view.
  • the ability to identify an object by location or by a single QR code; - help in finding cultural and historical objects located near the user; - the ability to share information about the user's location in social networks helps to popularize both tourist objects and the 42RISM system itself.  

Minimalism of the interface is the main convenience of the system

  • Depending on the user's location, the system will open the page of the object itself (if there is nothing in this place, then it will offer a list of the nearest ones, with the possibility of laying a route);
  • In sunny weather, it is difficult to read anything from the smartphone screen, the main thing for the user is to navigate through the photo, what the object is and click on the audio player button to launch the audio guide;
  • Text information, links, etc. are intended more for site visitors from laptop or tablets using links from social networks.

Commercial objects are entered in the system with the rights of advertising.

Ads in the system are divided into 2 types:

- geo-dependent. Linked to the user's location. These are local taxi services, hotels, cafes, restaurants, attractions, etc.

- thematic. If there are no geo-dependent ads in a specific territory, Google Adsense ads are displayed.

Information exchange

People like to share information about their location in web applications, social networks. By sharing the site's page, they attract new users, increasing the number of visitors to the system.

The "I'm here" button creates a link to the system's site page in the social network. This improves the site's rankings in search engines and advertising networks, increasing the ability to monetize advertising.

Interaction diagram


Identification of the object by geolocation and a single QR code;

It does not require the installation of applications and complex manipulations for the user;

It allows you to orient citizens by cultural and historical objects in any city;

Simple interface for system administration;

The ability to work simultaneously for administrators of different regions;

The ability to record and download content.

Cooperation options